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Coding can be expensive and time consuming. Eight Bit Designs & Consulting takes a bite out of bugs and smashes errors so you dont have to worry about it! Let us take care of your tech solutions like a T-Rex on the hunt!

We offer a variety of options and plans when it comes to contracts and development. We work with multiple languages and frameworks, some including Laravel for PHP and ReactJS for javascript.


Eight Bit Designs offers you a shark free consulting pool! So many companies are trying to milk you for every last penny. We consistently come in under budget and over-deliver!

Next time you are in a pool, ask your self, am I swimming with sharks? Let us be your life guard AND tech guard when it comes to the sharks in your consulting pool.


When your spam folder is full and you keep getting harrased by scammers, that's when our IT management service comes in. We will karate bear chop those spammers into next week and make sure that your business is secure from unwanted solicitasions.

We can offer you a picnic basket full of goodies, like setting up a Virtual Private Network, or local database management. If you need it, chances are, we do it.


Few things are as beautiful and majestic as a unicorn. Legend speaks of our designs attracting such creatures. We create some of the most gorgeous and majestic designs you've ever seen.

I can't promise that our designs will poop rainbows, but your eyes will be stunned and amazed. It's also ok to cry in the face of such beauty. Let us be your unicorn.

SMS Messaging

I promise we are not robots, but our SMS system is as precise as one. Automagically send out text message reminders and notifications through our various tech solutions.

Never have your clients or patients miss an appointment again, our robots are standing by to send friendly reminders at any hour of the day!


This is a Otter. This is nothing more than just a Otter. Enjoy :)